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  • MAKE DOG POTTY TRAINING EASY AGAIN: If you are looking for fun and efficient ways to train your dog, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the coolest dog doorbell for potty training and housetraining. Communicate with your pal, have fun and make sure it gets what it wants without scratching doors and damaging its nails.
  • ADJUST IT TO YOUR NEEDS: We have carefully designed this brass dog doorbell to satisfy even the most demanding needs. Adjust the strap to any desired height and then hang it everywhere you want. Make sure that your pup can easily reach it so as not to lose interest. Hang it on your door, desk, kitchen cabinet, stroller or doorknob.
  • WHEN ERGONOMICS & PRACTICALITY MEET: Made from high quality reflective nylon ribbon, this potty training kit can withstand scratches, bites and the toughest tugs. Our dog doorbell enhances visibility even in darkness. Get yours today and facilitate potty training and communication between you and your dogs to the fullest.
  • CLEAR TONES & RIGNING BELLS: Forget all about jingle bells and their poor-quality sounds. Now, with our unique brass doorbell you will be able to hear the bell ringing even when you are in another room or even floor. Never keep your baby waiting. Eliminate accidents and put an end to the dog barking nightmare once and for all.
  • GET THIS DOG DOORBELL & BONUS GIFTS RISK FREE: Do not compromise with anything else than perfection when it comes to your dog accessories and potty training kits. This brass dog doorbell will be a time and energy saviour from now on! It is backed by our unconditional money back guarantee policy and comes with surprise bonus dog gifts!

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