PetsLovers 2-layer 6ft Dog Leash - Reflective Black

Pets Lovers Club

$19.99 $39.95

  • SUPER STURDY DOG LEASH: This dog leash has a Double Layer design. This 2-layer design makes it 2x tougher than normal nylon leashes. Its weight is much lighter than leather, rope or chain leashes'. As a result, many people even use this dog leash for their alpacas or horses.
  • BE MORE VISIBLE IN THE DARK: this PetsLovers Leash© has a snazzy black colour and reflective lines which helps enhancing exposure in the dark. People can easily find it and it also makes owners and their pets safer during night walks.
  • BETTER THAN CASH BACK GUARANTEE: PetsLovers Leash© is manufactured and distributed by a family owned business - Dutchy Brand. If the leash does not work for you and your dog for any reason, you can contact the manufacturer and you will get a 100% refund. You are free to decide to return the leash or to donate it to a local dog rescue.
  • REMARKABLY COMFORTABLE LEASH: The dog leash has a padded handle to protect users' hands from rug burn. If your dog is a puller, you can instantly tell the difference between this leash and your old ones. Besides, it's a good length at 6 feet to have an absolute control over your dog. This leash also has a metal ring where you attach dog poop bag and keys.
  • A GREAT GIFT TO DOG OWNERS: This leash has a nice package which can be a great gift idea for a birthday family present. You will be pleasantly surprised when you hold it in your hands.

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